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Child Support

Idaho & Washington Child Support

When parents are separated, divorced, or unmarried courts must determine a parent’s child support obligation. In general, the combined monthly net incomes of both parents are used in determining the obligation and divided proportionately between the parents based on their respective net incomes.

Matters that involve the wellbeing of your children are not easy things to discuss. If you are going through a marital separation or other issue that involves child support, our attorneys can assist you through this process.


Support in both Washington and Idaho is based upon guidelines, economic tables, and worksheets unique to each state. Child support is determined based upon factors which include each parents’ income; the number of overnights each parent has with the minor child; which parent is paying for health insurance; the age of the child; and whether there are other children in the home who are not the offspring of the divorcing parents. In some instances, support orders can deviate from the “standard” calculation. But courts will start an analysis with the support amount called for by the standard tables or worksheets.  Our attorneys and staff can ensure that you receive or pay child support which is fair and just under the unique circumstances of your case.

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