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Idaho & Washington Adoption

Though adoption is motivated by love and concern for a child, it can be a stressful, complex process if not handled properly. Mosman Law Offices approaches each family’s case with kindness, compassion and respect. We’ll make sure you understand the process, and be with you each step of the way.

An adoption occurs when the existing legal rights of a natural parent or parents is terminated, and new parental relationships are established by court order. Once an adoption decree is entered, the adopted child legally has the same status as a child born to the new parents. If a child is of Native American heritage, or if a child is to be moved across state lines to accomplish an adoption, state and federal laws are implicated and must be strictly followed.

Background checks, and a “home study” or preplacement report is typically required in order to adopt a child. The purpose of these reports is to allow the court to determine if the parent or parents who desire to adopt a child are fit to do so. Some states do not require such a report if the child is the child of the prospective adoptive parent’s spouse (a step-child).

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