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Family Law


Divorce can be a stressful and difficult event for those involved. It is important to have Mosman Law Offices on your side so we can help you deal with these issues in an effective, efficient, and dignified manner.

Child Custody

At Mosman Law Offices we work to facilitate an agreement on how parents will interact with their children following their separation.

Child Support

When parents are separated, divorced, or unmarried courts must determine a parent’s child support obligation. In general, the combined monthly net incomes of both parents are used in determining the obligation and divided proportionately between the parents based on their respective net incomes.


Adopting a child should be a joyful experience for a family or individual. Mosman Law Offices has the technical expertise required to go through an adoption to minimize delays or problems.


Any person requesting alimony must show that they have a need for the support and their partner has enough means to provide for that need. Mosman Law Offices is here to help you with your alimony case.